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Localization & Distribution Services

What is Kuma Holdings?

Kuma Holdings is a boutique anime and foreign language animation licensing company for the North American market with two brands: Kuma Telefilms for teen+ anime, and Kuma Kids for ages 13 and under.

What makes Kuma Holdings unique?

Our company works on each of our products one at a time to ensure that each title gets the release it deserves. Plus, the producer you begin work with at the licensing stage is also the director of the final product, so nothing is lost as we translate your vision. We also put a strong emphasis on featuring behind the scenes and extra content in as many of our releases as possible that highlight both the North American and the original territory's cast and staff members, when possible.

Where can I find Kuma Holdings releases?

All of our releases aim to come out on home video, and we also attempt to get as many of our shows possible on various streaming platforms or digital storefronts. If you check a show's page in the Kuma Catalogue, you can see where it's currently available for purchase, download, or streaming.

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