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Available for Pre-Order Now: The Konodan Collection Vol. 1

Available now on RightStuf: The Konodan Collection Vol. 1. This Blu-Ray includes two Boy's Love titles from visionary creator Soubi Yamamoto, This Boy Is A Professional Wizard and This Boy Suffers from Crystallization. The collection also includes the audio drama This Boy Will Be Called a Villain, both dubbed and subbed, along with an exclusive new accompaniment video, a dub mini blooper reel for This Boy Is A Professional Wizard, dub behind-the-scenes featurettes for both anime titles, and two exclusive interviews with the original Japanese creator of these excellent auteur animes. All main features also come with audio description tracks and closed captions.

$1 will be donated to The Trevor Project for each copy purchased during the pre-order period, so get yours today, and check out the trailer for the collection below:

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