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This Boy Is A Professional Wizard: Available Now on Digital

Updated: Sep 1, 2018

Kuma Holdings presents the first released title in our Kuma Telefilms line, This Boy Is A Professional Wizard, available dubbed now on iTunes and Amazon! (iTunes dub & sub, Amazon dub w/ English closed captions.)

Check out the trailer & snag your digital copy today from the links above!

Synopsis: "Kashima is a professional wizard, working for the government's Department of Magic to help protect the country from fires, floods, landslides, and other natural disasters. By chance, he's approached at his favorite bar by Toyohi, a charming and carefree backpacker, and a romance begins to bloom. But misunderstandings and Kashima's own punishing work ethic threaten to tear the two apart. This anime mini-series, presented now as one short film, tells a story of love, coping with loss, and supporting a partner through the darkest times of their lives, told by the young visionary Japanese director Soubi Yamamoto."

English dub provided by Sound Cadence Studios.

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