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This Boy Suffers from Crystallization: Available Now on Digital

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Kuma Holdings presents the second released title in our Kuma Telefilms line, This Boy Suffers from Crystallization, available dubbed now on iTunes and Amazon! (iTunes dub & sub, Amazon dub w/ English closed captions.)

Check out the trailer & snag your digital copy today from the links above!

Synopsis: " Tamari Ayumu suffers from Crystallization Syndrome, a crippling illness which causes his body to start turning to crystals whenever he becomes anxious or depressed. He chases after the romantic affections of his teacher, Onihara Koya, who spurns him at every turn, unwilling to accept love from a student. This is a story from auteur anime director Soubi Yamamoto about anxiety, depression, and love. "

English dub provided by Sound Cadence Studios.

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